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Saturday, 25 July 2009


After months of shaking the underground Rico Tubbs -  LUMBERJACK is finally here!!!

Check it yo!





The Finnish pioneer of breaks, Rico Tubbs, is offering up Lumberjack. In this track Rico uses a fusion of genres that is sure to grip the imagination and senses of all who hear it.  With his trademark hip-hop sample-based production, Rico has once again used his big-room synth-heavy, filter- heavy, club track sound to offer up something to continue taking the scene in wonderful new directions.  The original track uses some raga vocals that are frustrating familiar and pandemiclly infectious and Rico sets out to take the wobble base premise in a new direction by creating melodies that give the track a depth that only a very few artists can achieve.


Electro house bad boy Calvetron is first up to remix and in true electro champion style he doesn’t fail to deliver an anthemic style that is set to tear up dance floors across the world all summer long!  His progressive synths and jacking bass line will not disappoint.


Remix installment number two is from the experienced and very capable hands of The

Bulgarian.  A founder of the fidget genre, we were lucky enough to con-scribe this The Bulgarian and we were not disappointed.  This remix has the ability to entrance audiences and will no doubt make big waves in the house music scene this summer.

Monday, 30 March 2009


Take A Good Look. The 2 Bit Thugs have now officially arrived!  This release sees the dynamic duo of bass continue to smash genres and dance floors in to bits with their blend of in your face gangsta attitude, crunching 4/4 beats and trademark elastic basslines.

Their latest single 'A Good Look' is all of the above and so much more! The anthemic breakdown is sure to have clubbers reaching for the lazers (safe as fook) and falling to their knees with the full force of a truly monstrous warping low end.

A Good Look y'all? Damn straight!?!

Remix numero uno is from the bad-boy supersonic superstars of breaks - Atomic Hooligan! The boys remix things up in the way only they know how by adapting the vocals and synths to take the listener on a growling twisted journey.  This HUGE rework is firmly set to shake clubs and festivals worldwide in 2009!

The next installment is from the kings of electro squelchiness - Stupid Fresh! In this does the Stupid Fresh crew pack stacks of fizzing bass, chopped-up vocals and wicked shuffling drums.  With a groove more infectious than MRSA the boys have kept it fresh.

This EP is available on BEATPORT from March 31st 2009!


Thursday, 12 March 2009


In the hubub of getting this release out to you wonderful folk in the public domain - we have released Nathan Boon's remix on Beatport with a slight out of time loop towards the end of the track!

If you have brought this rack them email a copy of your receipt to simon@anewhoperecords.com and Mr Simon will send you a fresh all better version of the track.  Thanks and we're very sorry for this epic balls up!


Wednesday, 11 February 2009


As the world talks itself deeper and deeper in to a recession - at ANHR we've teamed up with the dashing boys of the 2 BIT THUGS to offer up a free remix of our up and coming stomper.. 

The original is a piece of genius and this remix isn't too bad either. The TUHGS pull out all the stops with the deep encompassing wobble that's got them their awesome reputation.

Find the track @ 


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A New Hopefuls

It's been a long time. We shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to.. but we did. And we're sorry!  By way of a big fat apology we have returned in 2009 with the most exciting schedule on offer.

The schedule kicks off with the introduction of 'A New Hopefuls'.. this is a series that we're running at ANH to build the profile of some of the new guys to this music we call house.  On February 28th we are very proud to launch 4 singles (accompanied with remixes) from the guys that we call our a new hopefuls for the future.

The EPs are coming from the studios and creative minds of Matt Cox, B. Rich, Dimitriy Bamboviy and Campbell - look see ::

Part 1 ::

Matt Cox - Jumpin' 
 = remixes from The Squatters , Nathan Boon and Jackinori
  This track has been smashing it in clubs worldwide for sometime now from acts such as Ed Kane. We're very proud to be the ones to formally introduce you to Jumpin'

Campbell - Chicken Heads
= remixes from Matt Cox and Dmitriy Bamboviy
A fidgetey feast. The original is a twitchy dream and the remixes take you lucky folks on a trip thru all things wobbly and massive. 

Part 2 ::

B. Rich - Everyday Hustle
 = remixes from the 2 Bit Thugs , A C Slater and L7K 
  A quirky dirrty release that has already seen support from the Stanton Warriors on Annie Nightingdale's BBC Radio 1 show.  We're offering it all here from filthy house to a funkier twist and even some scary dubstep action.

Dmitriy Bamboviy - Wild Thing 
= remix from Nathan Boon , Miky_b and Jon~Delay
  Exciting stuff on this one! THe original does the simple stuff more effectively than anyone else and this track does the essential wobble and shake that will leave any dancefloor destroyed.  The remixes offer up more crowd pleasing stylings for everyone's delight!

If you're one of those folks who reads whole blogs and are a regular to the ANH blog then we're sure you'd be expecting a freebie by now.. well we aim to please!  The 2 Bit Thugs have offered up a free remix of Matt Cox's Jumpin' for your enjoyment!
  keep tuned in.. and as soon as we get the final mixdown we'll post you some good Thug based hearty wobbly goodness.

Stay Classy.  

Friday, 31 October 2008

Its A Booty Call


So as the credit crunch kicks in, we generous fat-cats at A New Hope Records decided to share the wealth. We kindly donating 2 wobbling bootlegs to help ease the financial pressure. First up we have ANH new boy Jon Delay with his lo-frequency tribute to Mike Skinner's 'Dont Mug Yourself'. Secondly we got another of the 2 Bit Thugs popular 'ReRub' series in the form of 'Rock Blockin' Beats'.

Cool. Have a wobbly Halloween!!

The Streets - Dont Mug Yourself - (Jon Delay's Debut Adventure Remix)

Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats - (2 Bit Thugs ReRub)

Friday, 17 October 2008

Taking It Back


Italian wonk maestros 3 Is A Crowd are set to drop their epic bouncing masterpice 'Take It Back'. We've bagged some of the globe's most sought after remixers and the package should please everyone from nu-ravers to bassline heads to wobble fans alike.

Heavyfeet bring the rudest bassline we've heard in a long time with Finnish funkster Rico Tubbs getting old skool on us. Fidget fans get a slice of jackery from Kelevra and 2 Bit Thugs bring our trademark wobble.

All in all this looks set to do some serious damage and were pretty stoked. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some exclusive tasters here soon.